Private Label

For all those customers who prefer their own lay-out, their own colours and their own choice of materials, Pieterpikzonen has the “private label solution”.
Seed packs and all kinds of garden items can be fully personalized to your companies’ or clients’ house style enabling you to offer a complete assortment to “young & old”.

Pricing depends on many variables; like for example type of seeds, grams per pack, paper material or labour intensity.  But for even relative low quantities like 2.500 sachets per variety, it can already be interesting, pricewise, to have seed packs fully personalized.

A way to control one of the above mentioned variables is, for example, to keep the prices for printed matter reasonable low. This can be achieved by buying more printed material than initially requested to be filled and to make use of the opportunity to store the balance of the material at Pieterpikzonen. Many of our customers make use of this option. When ‘filled’ sachets are needed, a purchase order is send, which should at least a minimum of 1000 sachets. The requested sachets are then filled with recently tested and well germinating seeds and prepared without much delay.

The best period to start the preparations for a new private label line, is late winter or early spring, since all sachets have to be provided with bright, appealing pictures of its flowers, herbs and vegetables. Although Pieterpikzonen owns an extensive picture database, it is virtual impossible to have an image of every single flower, herb or vegetable present. When the required varieties are fixed in late wintertime, they still can be sowed and raised on our trial fields (or glass houses) in order to come up with the perfect pictures during summer time.  Feel free to use the pictures from our database in your creative process to design your fully personalised private label assortment.

Please contact our Private Label team for more info or see our 
Mrs. Marguérite Westra-Dobbinga
Mrs. Annemieke Pith
Mrs. Tilly Grendel